About Good Wood

Good Wood is a small Vermont business, whose mission is to use the products of our family's forestland to provide our livelihood. We are guided by the values of conservation of resources, energy, and labor.

In our forestry and timber harvesting, we consider first and foremost the future of the forest. Through our careful harvesting, we seek to improve the quality of the standing forest and wildlife habitat. We use machinery which has the least impact on the soils, standing trees, and harvested wood. Our sawmill is a thin-kerf band saw which maximizes the output of lumber and minimizes the amount of sawdust.

Trees harvested from our land have several end uses. These include lumber for construction and woodworking, pulpwood for making paper and wood pellets, and firewood. Byproducts from our sawmill are not wasted: the slabs go to maple sugar makers for making syrup and cider jelly, and the sawdust and shavings go to a nearby farm for animal bedding. The cycle is complete when the manure returns as composted fertilizer for our garden.

Our raised bed kits and greenhouse kits are an outgrowth of our own attempts to have more productive gardens year-round and to have them be easier to tend. We are eager to share these successes with you.

Whether you want to build a barn, make furniture, install traditional wide pine flooring, buy firewood, or enjoy bountiful gardens, please call us with your needs. Our objective is to give you friendly and knowledgeable service and quality products at a fair price.

~ Irwin Post, Proprietor